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At Preziosa Dachshunds® we are passionate regarding our dog’s health and ensuring that all of our puppies are given the best of head starts in life. It all begins with diet.

1860 saw the first commercial 'Pet Biscuit', The rationing that followed during the first and second world war, of meat and other items, caused an influx of commercial dried pet food companies to pop up.

Prior to this dogs were served mainly meat scraps and bones but In the absence of readily available meat, and the way every last bit of meat was used for humans (in the most inventive ways sometimes!) Pet food companies used whatever was cheaply available to create a cheaper and accessible alternative.

Things never really reverted, and since then we have lost sight. We have lost sight of what our dogs are, where they have evolved from, from a diet perspective and what they need, both emotionally and physically, in terms of diet and nutrition.

Louise is OFQUAL accredited and trained in canine nutrition and offers a full nutritional advice service FOR FREE to all of the Preziosa Owners, access is exclusive for her NUTRIZIONE service, however she is often found helping others too (she just can not say no!).


Louise offers every Puppy parent access to her knowledge via a zoom course on Raw, prior to Puppy coming home. As well as face to face and online support for those wishing to learn more about diet, nutrition and RAW. Louise is passionate regarding education in the correlation between diet and longevity of health in dogs and how diet can be tailored to an animal’s bespoke needs; and in fact lead to a better, no – a fantastic quality of life – no matter what age.

Louise is qualified in Post 16 education, and will be launching Nutrizone CPD courses in 2025

Amazingly - Our Nutrition Service and advice via Preziosa Dachshunds® Artisan Dog Bakery was awarded WINNER of the national 2023 PDBUK awards; and Our products  WINNER of the best Dog product category!

 The Bakery was sold in December 2023 but Louise continues to offer consultation on Nutrition on their wonderful range of products!




All of our dogs and puppies are brought up on a raw food diet; it really is one of the reasons we have so many compliments on our animals. Their coats, their teeth, their muscle tone - it all speaks for itself. More importantly however, the main reason we raw feed is the positive benefits to their health - raw feeding, executed correctly is akin to the fountain of youth, for beloved canines.
We realise that raw feeding is not for everyone and although we would love to support you to make the switch, this isn’t always practical. For this reason, we do use a very high quality (over 80% nutritional value) kibble during the weaning process alongside raw, so puppies can be transitioned to a full kibble diet easily once in their new home, should that be what you prefer.

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