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Paw Pals

Not every family is in the position to have a dog of their own, but we are passionate that all children should feel like they are connected to, or know and have a bond with a dog.


We also hope this will be a fantastic way to begin educating and enlightening a child / family in the responsibilities that go hand in hand with owning and loving a dog.


We welcome letters and emails on Dog/Puppy topics via our (free) Paw Pal Club - Perhaps you would like to know something about a specific Dog or Puppy we own, or you have a question about a certain doggy topic? Well, Send it in, to which someone from the Preziosa family including our children will respond; bringing a little doggy community happiness to all...

If your child would like to be a Paw Pal and write to one or all of the Pack, you can email on

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