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Inspiring Growth


A Bit About Preziosa Therapia

Everybody has a story, and ours starts with ....well, Me, (Louise)

I've always had roles within my very broad career that ultimately have a client or a service user with a need, and I've enjoyed very much over the years, developing my skills in motivational interviewing, as a way to establish what that need or goal is. Currently I am in training on the BACP pathway to become a qualified and registered counsellor, whilst also working in the Mental Health Crisis Sector and delivering training in Mental Health First Aid.

Therapia will coach you to get to where you want to be; using my bountiful and creative life toolkit. WHERE that is, might be a practical goal or accomplishment, a spiritual challenge, or to feel happier in life - or you may require help with regulating problematic emotions.

We knew, from a young age, that Chloe would follow in a similar path, and we were thrilled when this involved going to university and obtaining her first degree, now she is fast approaching the end of her masters - which will see her achieve her dream of being a qualified social worker.

 Her academic achievements, determination and passion to help others, have led Chloe to join me as the co-founder of Therapia. Chloe specialises in working with under 18's and will be invaluable in supporting young people through life's challenges, using her skills around behavioural strategies and extensive knowledge in child and adolescent development, obviously with support from our furry Coaching team.

BUT...What is Preziosa Therapia?

Good question, it's whatever you need it to be. We are developing Therapia, to lead from the front, in terms of Animal Assisted Therapy, and the BACP ethical framework. We shall be introducing a therapy dog, as our who will be raised, trained and developed as our Foundation Therapia assistance dog.

Once fully signed off they will be visiting wherever the need is, whether that be a hospital, hospice, school, SEN setting, Veterans, Emergency Services, Corporate wellbeing days, 1-2-1 sessions or a home environment. 

We often take along puppies and the older Dachshunds to enjoy visits various sites such as Pre-schools and the local Hospice, who soak up every minute of our visits.


We are very proud of the hard work and dedication that has led to the 'birth' of  Preziosa Therapia, and both Chloe and I committed to making lives better through the very powerful and very unique service we will be able to deliver to those who need a more 'outside of the box' approach, all in the strictest of confidence.

Whilst Preziosa Therapia takes its first breaths and eagerly awaits our next steps, we will be offering limited services but welcome you to get in touch via the contact us box below should you wish to discuss how we can help you or your organisation further.


Dash, and a Volunteer, on a socialisation visit to the Mountbatten Hospice on NYE 2023

Louise, Preziosa Therapia, Founder

Personal Experience 


I have had years of experience working with others to achieve goals, some more practical and others very deep rooted and linked to abstaining from offending behaviour. Having had a broad exposure to neurodiversity both in and out of my personal life, I have devoted a lot of my time over the years to formatting strategies, providing peer to peer training and supporting friends who are dealing with the challenges that being neuordiverse can being, whether it be themselves or their children - I seem to "have the T-Shirt", in many situations and enjoy arming those who need it, with tools to turn what can seem like a life sentence, into a superpower.

"Nothing motivates me more than the look on someones face who is achieving. Achieving happiness after a period of low mood, or achieving a practical goal. Watching someones confidence grow in front of you, is a feeling like no other. Devoting my life to my dogs has given me valuable insight, into their ability to assist in these moments, in a totally unique and magical way; It was a natural progression to blend my love for animals with my love for helping people; and so, Preziosa Therapia was born."


  • Animal Assisted Therapy, Diploma, High Merit BSY QLS

        BSY Animal Assisted Therapy Practitioner.

        Member of the Association of Holistic and Complementary Practioners

  • RQF Lv 3 Award in Mental Health First Aid in the Workplace

  • RQF Lv 3 Award in Teaching & Assessing Mental Health Qualifications 

  • BTEC Lv 3 AET Education and Training Qual (formally PTLLS)

  • RQF Lv 3 Assessors Theory Qual.

  • TQUK Lv 2 CPCAB Counselling Qual

  • OFQUAL Lv 3 Canine Nutrition, Diploma

  • OFQUAL Lv 3 Canine , Care, Behaviour and Welfare Qual

  • OFQUAL Lv 3 Animal Licensing Inspectors Qual

  • OFQUAL Lv 3 Breeding and Professional Standards Qual

  • IMDT Canine First Aid 

  • IMDT Canine 2 day Dog Trainers Career Course

  • IMDT Canine Body Language Course

  • IMDT Dog to Human Aggression Course

  • IMDT Separation Anxiety Course

  • IMDT Perfect Puppy Course

Currently on the BACP pathway to become a registered counsellor.

Chloe, Preziosa Therapia, Co-Founder

Personal Experience


"I have been working in Early Years Education and the Private Nannying sector, for 6 years, and I have a passion for supporting the healthy brain development of infants through to adolescence and young adulthood.  I am currently a student social worker now studying my Masters (MSC) degree.  I have specialised interests and have conducted research into the negative affects poverty, impact of domestic violence, SEN and Adverse Childhood Experience's (ACES) and how these can influence our behaviour and psychological well-being".

"During a stressful experience in my personal life in 2022 following a bereavement, I used my professional knowledge, research and pro- active nature to combine my love for science and animals.  Getting stuck into grooming horses, and training our dogs, opened my mind to the power of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT). I want to support and nurture others to experience the incredible sense of relief and calm that Animal Assisted Therapy evokes."


"Following my GCSE'S and subsequent qualifications within early years education, I graduated from Chichester University with my Batchelor of Arts (BA) degree in Early Years Education and Development.  


I have since received a distinction in my Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) diploma.  Throughout my career I have acquired many continuing professional development courses which have given me invaluable therapeutic and neurological development knowledge.


Additionally I have had training from the Isle of Wight Council in open and honest conversations as well as Paediatric first aid, during my placement within Children's Services.  


I am now completing the final year of my Masters (MSC) degree in Social Work, to be a registered Social Worker."

Our Team.

Meet the team that will be working alongside you.

Fern Plant


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