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With the absolute wealth of qualifications and experience the Preziosa team have, the academy has been formed to allow Louise to deliver this knowledge in a CPD capacity.


For accredited courses please get in touch for signposting to providers that Louise Tutors for.

We are thrilled to be linking with post 16 providers, including online education providers, 6th Forms and colleges. If you are a post 16 provider and would like to know more, including those offering apprenticeships, please do get in touch on 07488337550. 

For breeders wishing to expand their understanding of licensing and the animal welfare act, Louise offers a bespoke mentorship option, which may suit those at the begining of their ethical breeding journey, or those wanting to expand their experience and record CPD. Please do get in touch on 07488337550. 

For local Authorities, we are qualified in Animal Licensing inspection and welcome enquiries for consultancy and collaborative work, in either a face to face or remote capacity. Please do get in touch on 07488337550. 

For our Qualsafe accredited 

Mental First Aid in the Workplace

courses please click  below.

Breeder Mentorship

Only available for Licensed Breeders

or those actively seeking a breeding license.


We are qualified in several key areas of animal welfare as well as Animal licensing inspection. We are able to support you in whatever capacity you need and can work with you in both face to face and remote roles. We specialise in Ethical dog breeding practices, data control & systems, regulatory compliance and brand building & marketing.

Packages are bespoke to you and can range from 3 to 24 month durations.

Prices start at £300.

For more information email


Apprenticeships and Work Experience Placements

We welcome students and work experience placements from relevant post 16 education community, via accredited colleges and 6th Forms; subject to Interview. Louise can supply in depth on site training as well as assess, to support portfolio evidence. We are Employer liability insured and Enhanced DBS holders. We pride ourselves on being a welcoming and inclusive business.

For more information email

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Animal Licensing Regulation and Local Authority Consultancy 

With more and more breeders making the right choice and  choosing to become licensed, with little additional resources being put into Local Authority budgets, Council departments are becoming overwhelmed with the admin and large pro-forma documents required. Let us help you to help your licence applicants. This can be done remotely for all UK authorities, signpost your license applicants to us, with your councils pro-forma's and we will cross match and ensure that paperwork is submitted without gaps, and compliantly - Saving your departments time! Whilst we are fully qualified for all aspects of Animal licensing inspection, at this time we only offer this service for Dog Breeding Establishments. 

For more information email

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Designed to enable professionals to top up their current qualifications and explore areas of interest in new ways. Courses are updated regularly

and certificates are supplied.

To see our current catalogue of courses please click below.

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