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Preziosa Show Team


Our Journey

I have wanted to show for years, however the unpredictability of seasons and puppies has made this near on impossible! With our own dogs and their schedules coming first, add in the children and, well you can imagine! Hattie joined us, co-owned with Eldest (lovingly known as No1 ) in 2022 and the plan was always to get her in the ring, as soon as she was old enough, but again with Chloe in the final year of her masters and working full time - it was a logistical nightmare!

ENTER STAGE LEFT - CHARLOTTE, the amazing friend we didn't know we were missing, in our lives -  until she plonked herself right smack bang in the middle of the chaos, and not only accepted it, but embraced it!

Charlotte is just the woman for the challenge and is now a co-owner, and the lead for our show gang! 

When we can, Chloe and I will join her, to enable as many of the dogs to participate as possible.


We are only at the beginning but, as anyone will tell you - we never do anything by halves and Todd and Sybil qualified for Crufts 2024 at their second show, with Todd then placing 3rd in his class, meaning he is now qualified for Crufts 2025!!

In January 2024 we were thrilled to have Jaime Hall join our show teaming with a lifetime of experience we can't wait to see what she achieves with us.

You can read the teams updates for shows attended, below - Louise x




Co-owner + Show Team Lead


A bit about Charlotte.....                             A bit about Jaime

Jaime Says.... I’m rubbish at bios, but here goes, I’ve been showing since I was 13 (16 years - crikey!!) and absolutely love showing Dachshunds, so am super proud to be handling with Team Preziosa!

Charlotte says.... "I was born dog obsessed, my Mum never allowed me to have one, so when I left home that was the first thing I did. Frank (my Spaniel) got me into showing, but he wasn’t up to scratch to show professionally. It’s always been my dream to qualify for Crufts. I first approached the Preziosa team in June 2021 when I was looking for a stud to put to my girl, Fig, Louise sent me her stud contract, thinking it’s length and strict guidelines would put me off, actually it was exactly what I was looking for. September 2022 was Wilf’s time to shine! I think we have spoken/messaged nearly every day since! One evening we discussed the possibility of me coming on board as a co-owner/show team lead. By the end of that week it was all in place! Sometimes in life we are lucky enough to cross paths with our soulmates, whether in the form of family, friends or lovers. I lost my friend soul mate in 2018, but I gained my second in 2021". Favourite things: Dogs, Disney, & Food Favourite Colour: Purple

Shows Attended and Results Dec 23

Wealdstone & Northolt  ​ Sybil 1st, Post Graduate Sybil 2nd Special Yearling Sybil 2nd, Open ​ Todd 1st Post Graduate Todd 2nd Open ​ Charlottes Notes: Well what a day!!! We had a super early start but our journey to Sussex was smooth. Todd was first in the show ring, he was entered into ‘post graduate’ and ‘open’ classes for the smooth standards. He earned a 1st in post graduate and a second in the open. Being beaten in the open meant he couldn’t go on to compete for best of breed. Still a huge achievement for him, he went wonderful around the ring & stood lovely for the judge when being examined. Sybil was up next, she was entered into ‘special yearling’ ‘post graduate’ and ‘open’. She earned a second in special yearling, a first in post graduate and a further second in the open. She was full of beans in and out of the ring, she needs some work on her movement as struggles to keep a steady pace and gets distracted easily. She was also a bit wriggly during the judges examination. Still an amazing result for her for at only 1 years old! Again she was unable to compete in best of breed due to being beaten in two of her classes. Their first ever show - I'm Super proud of them.

Shows Attended and Results Jan 24

Southern Dachshund Association Championship show 7-1-24. Another early start for the Preziosa show team, this time we were accompanied by Louise & Chloe who brought along little Hattie, female black & tan miniature smooth dachshund. It was their first ever time at a show and a championship show at that!! Once we’d arrived safe & sound and set-up camp it was time for Todd to strut his stuff, once again he was the perfect gentleman and did his absolute best in his classes. The hall was extremely loud and busy and being a dedicated dachshund show - a LOT of barking! (Strange for such a quiet breed!) Todd struggled to get his bearings at first but earned himself a reserve in his post graduate class. He did so well and held his own in classes full of dogs who have been in the show ring since pups! Todd’s final class of the day ‘Open Dog’ saw him earn a third place and thus securing his Crufts 2024 qualifier, we were all absolutely delighted with this result. We had a little bit of downtime before it was Sybil & Hattie’s turns in the ring so we walked them around the hall and tried to get as comfortable with the sights, smells and noises as possible - cocktail sausages helped. We got chance to catch up with other breeders/show teams and the support and feedback we received was so wonderful and much appreciated. Sybil & Hattie were in their classes together and both girls did extremely well. The miniature smooth classes always have the biggest entries and the girls were up against some stiff competition! Hattie earned herself a Reserve in ‘junior bitch’ and a VHC in ‘post graduate’. I was particularly impressed with how well she moved in the ring and how beautifully she stood for the judge to examine her. It was her first time at a show and she did wonderfully, Louise handled Hattie in the show ring, it being her first time she was understandably a bit nervous, but wow did she do well! Handling a green dog at a championship level show she rocked it! Chloe took Hattie around the ring for her final class, Hattie moved beautifully for Chloe and the bond these two share was plain for all to see, beautifully handled and great experience for them both. Sybil was an angel as always and I was particularly happy with how well she stood for examination by the judge at this show. She was a little unsteady when walking but a lot of the dogs were in the same boat, the hall was just so loud and busy. Sybil managed to earn herself a third in the ‘post graduate’ thus securing her Crufts 2024 qualifier along with Todd. Absolutely amazing! The day was long and tiring for all of us but it just goes to show that with dedication and support you can achieve your dreams. We are thrilled to be representing Preziosa Dachshunds at Crufts 2024 in March, and can’t wait to share the day with all of our fellow Preziosa sausagé friends!

Wiveliscombe & District Canine society winter open show. 13.1.24 - 14.1.24 Another early start for the show team! Well, for the humans, Todd & Sybil slept for the two hour drive. We arrived in sunny Somerset just after 9am, after a quick comfort stop we were set up and ready to roll. This show was a two day event, the Dachshund’s being shown on the second day, we had decent numbers entered which is always good to see. Sybil was first up at this show, she was raring to go as always! Sybil thoroughly enjoys her time in the show rings, which is amazing, but she does need to learn to rein it in just a little. Her first class was ‘junior’ where she earned herself a respectable reserve award. Her second class was ‘graduate’ where again she earned a reserve award. Her last class was ‘open’ in which she earned a third. Very very proud of her! She’s progressing exceptionally well and is holding her own against some beautiful and seasoned show dogs. She is still maturing, she is only just over a year and every show she is learning more and more. Todd was up next, he was entered into two classes this time around. His first class was ‘graduate’ where he earned himself a second. His next class was ‘open’ where he earned a third. I was so very proud of Todd today, the hall was PACKED full of people and dogs. Todd can get a little nervous when it’s loud and busy but, like Sybil, he is improving with each show we attend. He held his own against some top show dogs and as always was a dream to move around the ring. All in all it was a lovely few hours at the show, the organisers and stewards did a wonderful job and the other entrants were lovely to talk to as always. Todd and Sybil now have a few weeks off from shows, they will be doing some training at home and with our show team member Jaime. We have also completed our entries for Crufts 2024 in March. We are super excited! See you again in February!

Shows attended and Results Feb 24

Coming Soon

East Kent Canine Society Open Show 4/2/24 Today saw the Preziosa show team head to Kent. An early morning and long drive but we arrived just in time for Sybil & Hattie to enter their classes. Hattie was handled by Jaime today; Jaime has over 10 years experience in the ring and Hattie performed very well for her considering this was Hattie’s second ever show! Hattie earned herself a very commendable 3rd, Reserve & VHC. Well done Hattie, Keep up the hard work pretty girl! Sybil did very well today, a bit more experience for her. It was exceptionally loud and busy in the hall and Sybil did well to focus on what I was asking of her. She earned herself a 2nd, 3rd and reserve. Todd was last in the ring, he was his usual handsome & calm self. He moved beautifully and earned himself a 1st & 3rd in his classes. Thank you to the judges, stewards and organisers. Great turn out today! We’re now reserving our energy for Crufts 2024 on March 10th. See you there!


Crufts March 10th 2024 Sunday 10th March was Hound & Terrier day at Crufts. The biggest dog show in the world, held at Birmingham’s NEC. Todd & Sybil were there to strut their stuff in the hound group, after they both qualified in January at the Southern Dachshund Association’s Championship show. We travelled up the day before the show and then had a super early start on the Sunday. After finding our bench in the standard short-haired section we enjoyed a breakfast of Nutella crépes, bacon rolls and coffee. Sybil was first in the ring and entered into junior bitch, in a class of 16 she didn’t place but she performed beautifully for such a young girl - only 15months old! We were particularly proud of Sybil as she is our homebred, second generation girly. Todd was entered into post graduate dog, in a class of 6 he placed 3rd and has automatically qualified for Crufts 2025! To say we were over the moon is understatement, Todd moved well and was judged by Frank Kane, a world renowned judge and the voice of Cruft’s ‘best in show’ televised finalé. We celebrated by spending far too much money at the shopping stalls but the dogs (and us) are worth it! We had a thoroughly amazing day, made all the better by the support we received from other breeders/show teams, My brother & cousin and Louise’ eldest daughter Chloe, you were all invaluable! Finally a shout out to our show team Jaime, for her unwavering support, advice and all-round awesomeness! Our next show is the end of April, the goal for this year is qualifying Sybil & Hattie for Crufts next year as well as getting Todd’s champion title. Charlotte - Show team lead.

Shows Attended and Results April 24

Coming Soon

20/4/24 Smooth haired dachshund club championship show - Coventry. Today was the earliest start for the show team to date, 4:30am ferry! We travelled to Coventry to attend the smooth haired dachshund championship show, it was a very well laid out and friendly show. Todd was in the ring first and entered into two classes, he moved beautifully and earned himself a reserve in ‘post graduate’ and a VHC in ‘open’. Sybil was entered into 3 classes, she was her usual confident self and although not placing in ‘junior’ she earned herself two reserves in both ‘post graduate’ and ‘open’. Very proud of her to earn placements in classes of 13 & 9 participants. All in all another fun filled show day, we caught up with friends and it stayed sunny for us! The show team will next be in the ring on 25th May at the Bath canine society championship show.

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Jaime Hall

Show Team 

Jaime 1.jpeg

Where it Began!!

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